Workshop events at the studio and mobile

Art Enrichment programs  REGISTRATION (pdf)  


Fathers Day Workshop

Thursday   JUNE 12   4-5:30pm 

This is going to be a great, funny and fun workshop just like your DAD! We'll be making some extra cool and special gifts for dad, we don't want to spoil the surprise but these gifts will be made with tons of love.

Ages 4 an up   $20




Our programs are completely self contained and mobile, we come to you. Programs don't cost, they in fact generate funds for you. Custom projects can be created to support themes and curriculum. 


Beehive Art provides:  

promo flyer, project design, all materials, portfolios for art transport, art instructors


School / Center provides:

room, space, tables, chairs, access to a sink, assistance with onsite advertising, marketing and registration


Enrichment programs typically are $25 

per child per class, 20% goes back to school / center

4 weeks  4 one hour classes $100 

6 weeks  6 one hour classes $150


Please contact us directly to discuss options and details. 617-413-7774